Business Listing : Terms & Conditions
  • 1
    Data uploaded for Business must be real and authentic. Business means the data associated for Business display on by Client with verified mobile number.
  • 2
    Image published for Business display on by client must not be copyrighted material other than Client itself. Client will be responsible for image shared.
  • 3
    Posting of Business listing on will be calculated once the approval by admin has been done. Admin will check basic data format and Image shared. Until admin approval, client's data for business listing will be in pending status and will not be visible on
  • 4
    Verification at the will take 24-48 hours. In some cases, it may be sooner or later on the request of client or depends on the number of client request for approval.
  • 5
    Client can deactivate their business listing for some time using the update panel. Once client sets the business listing of him/her, Business will not be visible on and when next time Activate will done by client, that update needs to be verified by Admin at . for that period until Admin Approval, business data will not visible on
  • 6
    Image shared on by client for displaying their business must not contain any objectionable material like religious or pornographic content. No copyright material like Image of Actor/ Actress, celebrity be entertained. Please share only those images that you must take care of things like copyright infringement.
  • 7
    Each business listing is verified by the OTP sent on the mobile number of client who wants to upload business on Manual verification by our authorized agent will also be done in the presence of owner of the business. Once OTP verification is done, it will be assumed that Business Owner is the person who will be responsible for information provided for that business. Also this OTP verification will be requested for each update request for data change about the business by Business Owner.
  • 8
    Any manual change request will be done, if applicable, by team only when the request is made from the mobile number of the Business listing that was used when registering the business on
  • 9
    Business Display on will depend on the number of days for which the subscription charge is given by client. 1 month = 30 Days, 3 Month = 90 Days etc. Suppose you have registered your business for 1 month [ 30 Days] and your business is visible on from 22nd of that month then calculating from that date, your business will be visible 21st of next month. After that automatically will be Inactive mode and will not be visible on
  • 10
    Subscription charge will be taken while the duration when Business Data is visible on Even after the visibility of business, if Client is deactivating the Business for some time, subscription charge will be taken for that period as will calculate the monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription from the start date of Business visibility on
  • 11
    Any type of Malpractice done while uploading the Business data or updating the business data will simply ABANDON the registry of that Client. will reserve full right of deleting that data and will not be entertained in any manner. Further if applicable, legal action will be taken for those type of Malpractice Client
  • 12
    We currently provide the facility of image sharing for the Business listing on . We are not taking the Image Upload on This is due to security concern. However, we are suggesting you share your Business image what you upload on your social networking account or if you have some blog or website running at your end. Please see our Help page for uploading and sharing the image of your business.
  • 13
    Please feel free to contact us by Email or SMS to our official Mail ID or Help line number by Registered Mobile Number for Business [We will take only those queries by mobile number which are already registered as Business Listing on , Currently we at will not take call request]. We will get back to you ASAP depending on the request sent over SMS or Email.
  • 14
    Business Listing and Ad Display offered by is at very low cost. Due to this Ultra Low Cost service, we are not able to refund the money given taken by for your Business Display and Publish. At any cost, we don't have mechanism to refund the money as that will not feasible for this Ultra Low Cost Service . Hence we request you to pay the service charge after your business data is getting uploaded and you are satisfied with our Business Service Display.
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